Language in posts..

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Language in posts..

Post by Guest on 13/9/2010, 08:04

Lads , just a reminder to watch what you put in post's , recently some posts have become little more than an exercise in swearing . From now on moderators can delete rather than tidy up, Remember we are a big site and while swearing may not offend some it will offend others and if the site becomes full of these sort of posts many people will find us blocked at workplaces and those of us with kids don't want to have to keep dropping pages everytime they walk in the room.
Please remember that you came here to get away from this sort of thing at OXF/XBL and the ARC, your site has developed a great reputation as a fun place for everyone no matter their background so please don't ruin it.

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Re: Language in posts..

Post by SixenSix on 13/9/2010, 09:33

There goes my post wh*ring Ooooh look, I've passed 11000
On a slightly more serious note.....U know what Keltic's saying makes sense......he must be off those drugs


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