Board layout changes

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Board layout changes

Post by Guest on 15/8/2010, 15:12

The Tech section is now purely for technical issues concerning games
consoles and PC's, Old posts will be locked and spam posts deleted.
The idea is to make this section more useful to everyone and actually
help people rectify problems they may have without having to wade
through a load of rubbish .

All old posts have been dumped to archive and i've started the section fresh.

Member Announcements has really become another gossip board rather than a place to
make announcememts that you feel may be useful to know or a place to
congratulate peeps on achievo's etc,

To remedy this i have set up auto pruning to delete posts after 31 days to make it easier for everyone to see important messages.

Gossip boards have been further sub divided, Fun and Banter for crap talk, Serious chat for non game related talk ,Game Chat and Game Gripes..


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