ARC Rules List - Please Read

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ARC Rules List - Please Read

Post by Guest on 11/6/2010, 08:26

The BwA site is now officially closed, some of the guys from there will be joining up with us at ARC, The same conditions will apply to them as anyone else on this site and i strongly recommend they read the ARC rules, This site has been run with a strict code of conduct for 3 years now and has proven to be a success because of this.

We would appreciate if you would read and abide by the following pointers. All we are really asking is that you show respect and tolerance for your fellow gamers as we are a diverse community from all walks of society with one thing in common:
We all enjoy Gaming!

1. Personal attacks in any form will not be tolerated on forum members . Anyone doing so will be suspended/banned . This applies to all forms of communication, post, pm's, voice over xbl etc.
If someone posts what you feel is a personal attack against you, do not reply. Report the incident to staff, who will deal with the situation. They'll also inform you what, if any action was taken to resolve the issue.

2. No spamming, advertising , pornography or NSFW content is permitted on the site.

3. Topics of a political or religious nature are not to be discussed on this forum. Such posts will be locked/deleted.

4. This site is for mature gamers with a minimum age of 21 years only.

5. All posts must be written in english, ARC admins/mods also reserve the right to delete/modify any posts they deem inappropriate or combative (including swearing etc).

6. As a member of the ARC community your online actions reflect on this site , any member bringing ARC into disrepute whether by glitching/hacking games (modded controllers, lag switches, Jtag, hosting/partaking glitched lobbies etc) or getting involved in public flame wars etc will have their account suspended/banned.

7. If no posts are made in any 31 day period the account will be deemed inactive and deleted, Exceptions to the rule will be made for those working away or on hols etc (please message Six, Keltic or Lord Farnswaller so that your account is not deleted due to personal commitments).
We have decided on this approach as a fair bit of time is required to email and wait for responses from people who are not posting or gaming due to lack of interest . It also means the Clan ARC friend list that everyone can access is made up of people you will actually get to game with online.

While you have an account on these forums and game within ARC lobbies you are bound by ARC rules.

Other than that lads welcome to ARC and i hope you enjoy your stay..

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