Simon Quinlank, king of hobbies

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Simon Quinlank, king of hobbies

Post by mutantblues on 2/12/2008, 09:36

My biggest hobbie is music. Listening to it, watching it live and talking about it while slowly getting drunk in a pub. But not playing it as I am retarded in that respect. I'm always trying to dicover new music or some lond dead artist that I've not heard before.

My collection of CDs and vinyl was over 3,000 the last time I could be botherd to count it and that was a while ago. And I have one or two choice items in the collection. My White Stripes vinyl is worth at least £1,000.

I listen to pretty much anything from any where in the world. 1920's Haiwain blues, Japanese rockabilly, Brazilain hip hop, 1970's Nigerian funk, East European folk music. I'll give any thing a try just as long as its not boring and bland, ie in the charts. Oh and of course blues music is amazing.

Aside from music I like
* Asian cinema
* football - but only things to do with Liverpool, all else bores me
* Reading -history and the classics, espically Russian stuff.
* sitting on a sofa watching dvds
* drinking cider and waving my arms about as I talk rubbish while drunk
* collecting photos of WW1 soldiers and trying to find out about them.

I think thats about it, theres the odd game of poker or golf as well but if my day contains any of the above then its a good day.

Viva la NOBO

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Re: Simon Quinlank, king of hobbies

Post by SixenSix on 2/12/2008, 09:40

There's more behind our Mutant than meets the ear Very Happy


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