Personal Messages (PM)....remember to check!

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Personal Messages (PM)....remember to check!

Post by SixenSix on 14/10/2009, 12:53

I know that a lot of U don't check your PM's. Ok maybe U aren't a lazy bunch of w*nkers ....maybe U don't know how. Ok it's easy: under the banner U will either see "You have no new messages" or for ex. "You have 1 new message". If it shows the latter, press on it and it'll take U to your PM page. Here U can read and answer your PM's. That's how easy it is.
Plz start taking notice. The staff sends PM's to U from time to time and it's also a great way for members to communicate with each other if they don't wan't to post the message in the threads or for ex. if U want to arrange a game with someone (read knockout comps or FIFA) and U want to be sure that the person gets the message


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