Try my Project Cars 2 game on XBox (TTC?)

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Try my Project Cars 2 game on XBox (TTC?)

Post by w_a_i_n on 7/10/2017, 19:15

Ok, you guys know my sad opinion of Forza 7. I still long for lapping action (TTC's).

Soooo, I NOW OWN Project Cars 2 for Xbox!! I won it used/as-new on eBay. I actually own PC2 for my PC. Anyone wanting new TTC's, can try it. I've started a list and will update it along the way. I wanna lap more, as many of you do. So, regardless of the fact there is no official demo for Project Cars 2, you can use the game and you have nothing to lose. You know me, I wouldn't move games, but want to risk you hating a TTC.

I value your outlay too. Hence why I'm doing it this way. I'm gutted about F7. It's holding the genre back, that sucks to me as a one-trick pony. If you wanna try PC2 on Xbox, let me know. Reply here, text me, reply to facebook, etc. Do all of the above if ya need, and I'll make it happen!

I feel passionately that it'll add lots to TTC's. So you can give it a proper go if you wish, you'll have time in the game to assess it, without buying it. I don't see PCars2 being more difficult than Forza, as cars act as they should. PC2 sells for £29/30 mint for XBox. I can suggest Xbox pad settings, giving stress-free time with PC2. Settings help so much, and can make/break the experience.

You'd get a taster of what a TTC would be/feel like with PC2. I'll post the game out first. I ask a few favours. Please care for the disc, and commit to some time with it when it gets to you. Then post it to the person next on the list. I'll collate that list. If you've a busy period, you can say when it's best "not to have" the game sent to you. With new software coming out, real life stuff etc. Be little point having the title 2 weeks, and only getting 2 free days in that whole time.

I want to get it to as many ppl who want to try it, as efficiently as poss. I can even start a TEST-TTC, so you can set lap times if you want. Please know, you're committing to nothing. If you hate the driving, so be it. I do understand, that for those enjoying Forza, it could be a complete non-starter. Of course, there's no obligation to even test PC2. But, if there's a glimmer of hope that TTC's can start, in something new, it's worth this test, to me.

I'd rather buy it, let you try it, than people think it sounds great, buy it used themselves, and hate it. I hope that make sense. All you need to do is let me know if you wanna test PC2, with a view to me starting TTC's still. Decide if you agree with me that it's a pretty special title. Unique! You may not agree though!!

Lastly, why is Project Cars 2 something I'd be excited to use for TTC's?

It has 180 cars, many have multiple liveries for you to choose from. Cars span multiple race classes. Classics to new. It has open-wheel, touring, GTE/3/4, LMP, Indycar, and Rallycross. Road cars, track day cars, and cup racing cars. It has some cool small UK tracks like, Snetterton. Donnington, Oulton Park, Knockhill, and Cadwell Park. Using 130 total layouts. It even has the Mercedes Benz ice test-track! So, take a Rallycross car there and treat it like a rally stage if you want. It has official Rallycross tracks, F1 venues, endurance, and street tracks inc Long Beach/Monaco.

TTC's could use scenario's that add to driving immersion. Fog, rain, fog with rain! Heavy rain. Sunrise. Sunset. We can lap in any four seasons. All of the features I just listed affect grip! As in real life. Tracks are "live", so, if you race in SP mode as a race develops - puddles grow. If it stops raining, puddles shrink as cars pass through them. Some wet areas you have to avoid. Puddles even form in the places that real ones do, at a given track. Whether it be a dip, or for drainage problems etc. Drying lines can develop too. These aren't "canned" effects. Hit a huge area of water at speed, you'll aquaplane! Hit smaller areas, you'll just push through them. You can even lap in winter, and have it snowing. No, no, of course I wouldn't do that to you.

PC2 uses GPS data, so you can even run laps - based on a date. Driving at Oulton Park in March, will mimic the temperatures and lower grip, which would challenge real drivers in that month. But you can run with assists. The tracks have lots of detail on the surface too. They're well modelled, so bumps/cambers are there. They impact how you drive, just as it would in real life. They aren't plain, flat, or boring, like some games in the genre portray them. Replays in the main are incredible, realistc. Set a personal best in the fog, and you'll love the replay.

You can take different cars, on different tracks too, no problem. 1967 Lotus F1 car on an ice track, sure! Don't worry, I wouldn't do that either. As you can see, it mixes everything up. Anything is possible. But I wouldn't do things that would really make peoples lapping a frustrating experience. Even driving at night, means you drive tracks differently. Plus, with lower night temperatures, again, it'll lessen grip. The cars then slide around more on the surface.

If a TTC was to use a SP race setting, instead of running one lap of a TTC over and over, you can pick any amount of laps and drive against the AI. You set the number of AI, difficulty, aggression. You can have multiple weather slots. So if we did a 10 lap race on a small circuit for example, say lasting 10 minutes or so, it can start cloudy, then rain, then move to sunny - all the time seeing and feeling the changes. You can race with the same class of car in races. So, you could run a MK1 Escort RS race. Or a race that only includes V12 Vantage GT3 cars. Yet can mix cars of the same class too of course. You can even have different classes of cars on the track at the same time, like endurance events have. Very unique, and different.

That's it, let me know if you wanna be on the list to try PC2. Have an awesome weekend peeps. Just bear in mind, with most games needing huge downloads often, there could be a huge part of the game that needs downloading for Xbox, which is beyond my control. The install on my new PC was about 10GB I think, and that came on 6 DVD's.

Even if just 5 people or so thought this was a good idea after trying the game, I'd run with it. Andy and I already own it. Plus, Project Cars 2 is cross-platform of course. So, we could have ppl using PC, XB and PS and all be running in the TTC that way.

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