New Look Launched

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New Look Launched

Post by Tattastic on 11/4/2015, 21:33

Ok so after all my testing and messing, seeing what coding needed to go where I am finally done with the new look.

I wanted to go a bit not so in your face green but keep the green elements, So I have done it this way.

You may see the new Portal when you got on the site is live.

You may have noticed a slight change to how the links work on the navbar.

Home used to link to the forum - but now it is the portal, and I think its pretty obvious that the forum now links to forum lol!

If you want to leave any feed back please do it in Possible Downtime topic (since everyone can replay there, unlike this section for Admin and Mods)

Hope you all like the changes.


PS - I have a few more changes to make that have no effect on the working of the forum, and one more widget to sort for the side bar, but I am giving up for the night, so thought I might as well get it back online due to this having no effect on the working of the forum at all.
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