IMPORTANT: Forum Clean Up - Need Your Input

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IMPORTANT: Forum Clean Up - Need Your Input

Post by Tattastic on 13/10/2014, 18:30

The next part of our take over is going to move ahead over the next coming week, but we need all your input on this (looking at maybes sorting it over the coming weekend).

Me and Wez have been discussing the clean up of the boards/sub boards but we really need peoples input on the ones they would like to stay. The general boards will be staying (Public Forum, ARC Chat)

Just need opinions on the rest really, we want to know what you want to keep, my view on what I see is...

ARC - NORTH AMERICAN BRIGADE - Maybes removed as to me it looks like NA people are separated (unless this is what worked well, as I have not been here long)

Ararnge a Game
Destiny -maybes sub boards for Raid, PVP and so on
Call of Duty (if people are still interesting in this), Archive the older posts, keep COD Elite Clan, Ghosts and add AW
EA Battlefield - Archive BFBC, BF3 categories, and add BF4
Halo - Archive current categories and add MCC
RPG Gaming
Other Games

FIFA - doesn't seem much interest in this
Gears of War - maybes  re-add when new one is released
XBL Arcade Games - They can be discussed in Other Games really

ARC PLAYSTATION & PC - Keep All, add PS4 setion

ARC RACING (MULTI PLATFORM) - Really need your help on here because I dont know what ones are still played, so I dont know what should be removed and kept.

All the ones that are removed, will be put into Archive folders, so the topics/posts will still be there, and for Example if BF4 is added, any posts made about BF4 will be moved into this folder and so on.

Please give me feedback on what you would like to stay, we do not want to be removing anything you guys want to still be there. As mentioned above the clean up will probably be this weekend, so please try and let us before then  Cool
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Re: IMPORTANT: Forum Clean Up - Need Your Input

Post by wezbloke on 13/10/2014, 20:05

All sounds good mate. Judging by The dates on the Racing treads I'd say they are dead, But some good racers out/due out in the coming months, just depends if anyones buying them.

Personally I'd like to see a Dedicated GTA V thread in ARC XBOX, I plan on hammering this one when it's re-released.
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Re: IMPORTANT: Forum Clean Up - Need Your Input

Post by SixenSix on 13/10/2014, 20:11

ARC North America was made when we had a lot of peeps from Canada and US around here to make it easier for them as they are on a different clock than us. However I don't really see the need for it any longer. We have less the 10 NA's here now and the section hasn't been used for ages.

FIFA was very popular here about 4 years ago. We had a league going. Played two "seasons" and had an ARC cup. Was loads of fun, but nowadays there's not much interest.

GOW has always been a popular game at ARC. Would love to see a new one released on the xboner Very Happy If so I'm sure a lot around here would like a new GOW section, but for now U guys may as well archive the current section.

The DiRT games used to be very popular here and we've had quite a few comps. Forza was also popular, but I don't think the racing section is used much anymore?


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Re: IMPORTANT: Forum Clean Up - Need Your Input

Post by heavytread on 14/10/2014, 10:13

I think the sub boards for destiny are a good idea. cheers

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Re: IMPORTANT: Forum Clean Up - Need Your Input

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