How to get Xbox One games half price with someone else!

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How to get Xbox One games half price with someone else!

Post by Poser Pete on 1/8/2014, 17:18

For your information if you don't already know, you can and a friend can each pay half price on xbox games by means of a little cheat.

1. You need a friend that you can trust as it means you or the other person giving the other half the money and have each others log in details.

2. Either one of you makes the other persons xbox their home xbox you can only set one xbox up as the home xbox, e.g myself and Wez we both log into each others consoles so our profiles are each others xbox's (thats why you need the log in details) and wez makes his xbox my home xbox as well as it being his home xbox as well.

3.Choose a game that you both want to buy and play say Sniper 3. I pay for it and start to download it, pause the installation and the other person signs in as me on their xbox and starts to download it as well, then I sign back in and carry on downloading it and voila one game 2 xbox's.

4. Make sure you get the money from the other person lol.

I know it sounds a long and drawn out process but it is very easy I know because I'm already doing it lol. Also applies to dlc's.

So there you go half price games for you and a friend!

P.S If ive missed anything out which I dont think I have will Edit in Red  Shocked 

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