MW3 developers meeting

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MW3 developers meeting

Post by Lord Farnswaller on 3/6/2011, 13:15

Right lads and lasses we have been given the task of producing the new multi-player for MW3

(sound of silence in the room)

Come on its not that bad, is it?

What are you crazy? We’ll get destroyed for doing this!

What do you mean?

Well look at MW2, oh its so good, oh its so perfect, oh it got hacked and glitch up the wazoo, we’re doomed, dooooommmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddd

(sound of face getting slapped)

Calm down you easily excitable idiot, Treyarch did a good job on black ops so we can do one on MW3. Here’s my plan – we take MW2 and then we tweak the graphics, drop stopping power and the nuke. Up weapon powers and a few new guns which are basically rehashes of old guns and bingo!

And you think the fans will but it?

Well they did for MW2, that was MW rebranded.

So let me get this right we tell our new important client we have spent ages on this project, spent millions on it. When in fact all we have done is take MW2, changed some colours and sounds a process which will take about a day?


What shall we do then?

Well I was thinking with the money we’ll be getting a pool table, pin ball machine and a bar!

Hum, let me see now….. OKAY

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Re: MW3 developers meeting

Post by Psyman on 3/6/2011, 14:00

atleast they will include treyarchs hotfix ability so they can fix stuff straight away
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