Dark Gaul is no longer a member of ARC!

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Dark Gaul is no longer a member of ARC!

Post by SixenSix on 21/4/2011, 11:32

Dark Gaul was badmouthing Masher online and after recieving a number of complaints from other members the staff decided to kick him out of ARC. To be honest he has been moaning about ARC and it's members on a number of occasions ever since he joined 6 weeks ago. He even said that the majority of ARC'ers were extremely rude Shocked

He was sent this email before being deleted:

After getting a number of complaints about U badmouthing Masher the staff has decided to ban U from ARC. We have noticed that U complain a LOT about ARC and it's members so ARC is obviously not the place for U.

The Staff.


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