Staff announcement: deleting accounts....plz read :-)

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Staff announcement: deleting accounts....plz read :-)

Post by SixenSix on 5/4/2011, 09:18

As most of U have seen. Wain and a few others have decided to leave ARC. This is sad, but that's the way life is.....especially "forum life". With 5 "I'm leaving" threads popping up at the same time it may give new members the wrong impression of ARC.....they may even think they have arrived on a "sinking ship". Which is far from the truth Very Happy

The staff have decided that once a "I'm leaving" post has been made public we will grant the member 24 hours to say their farewell. After that their account and "farewell thread" will be deleted. We don't see any need for a member saying they have quit ARC and still showing up days/a week later keeping their "farewell threads" alive.

To those who have decided to leave, plz do not take this personal, coz it's NOT Very Happy


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